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On 1 November 2013 13:16, Xavier Wang <> wrote:
> I'm tring to use luarocks with lua-5.2.2 that is compiled myself on Windows.
> but it runs errors for 'module()' function, that is not available in my
> lua5.2 install, Is luarocks lua5.2 compatible without LUA_COMPAT_ALL flags?
> how to make it works for my configure?

On Lua 5.2 it requires LUA_COMPAT_ALL (like many of the rocks in the
repository do, so you're better off by enabling LUA_COMPAT_ALL

> I install my lua at D:/Lua52, there are several files/directories:
> D:/Lua52/lua.exe
> D:/Lua52/luac.exe
> D:/Lua52/lua52.dll
> D:/Lua52/include/*.h
> D:/Lua52/lib/*.a
> D:/Lua52/lua/*.lua
> D:/Lua52/clibs/*.dll
> So, I want luarocks install *.lua into D:/Lua52/lua, and install *.dll into
> D:/Lua52/clibs, just like Lua For Window does. but I can only specific TREE
> in install.bat. is that anyway to do that?

You can configure paths extensively in the configuration files after
installation. See the documentation at for details.

-- Hisham