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> On 09/30/2013 01:18 PM, Pierre Chapuis wrote:

> It is running NGINX using PHP through FastCGI, and the forum software
> uses MySQL as the backend. Keep in mind that the VM is not a heavy-duty
> one, since $240/year is the most I can spend on this.
> The unwanted requests are POST attempts, so I'm not sure if caching (if
> possible with the off-the-shelf software - perhaps memcached?) would
> help much.

In that case what you could do is have a little bit of Lua running inside
nginx that checks the authentication or captcha and passes the request to
the PHP code only if it is valid.

Also, check where the bottleneck is. If it is calls to MySQL, caching some
things (e.g. sessions) in memcached or Redis may be useful.

> Also, I relish the idea of dogfooding if possible.

Me too, but in that case it is hard. We won't get good forums in Lua in
just days or even weeks, even if several of us work on it.

As for what good Open Source forums exist (question asked in another
email) I tend to like Vanilla ( when tuned a
bit. For those who remember it, I'm thinking about the setup they had at
the SliceHost community forums when they still existed.

Otherwise, there is always FluxBB...

Pierre Chapuis