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Guys and Gals,  

I am trying to make a couple of stubs for LUA C API lib calls,

   #define LUA_LIB

   #include <lua.h>

   #include <lualib.h>

   #include <lauxlib.h>

   static int l_pkghandler_decrypt(lua_State * L) {

      // return success

      lua_pushinteger(L, 0);

      return 1;


   static int l_pkghandler_verify(lua_State * L) {

      // return success

      lua_pushinteger(L, 0);

      return 1;


   static const luaL_Reg pkghandler_funcs[] = {

      { "decrypt", l_pkghandler_decrypt },

      { "verify", l_pkghandler_verify },

      { NULL, NULL } };

   LUALIB_API int luaopen_pkghandler(lua_State * const L) {

      luaL_register(L, "pkghandler", pkghandler_funcs);

      return 1;


When I try to run it in lua (5.1 from Eclipse) as this,

   local function main()

      package.cpath = "E:\\proj\\pkghandler\\Release\\?.dll;"..package.cpath


      ph = require "pkghandler"



I get,


   Exception in thread "main" com.naef.jnlua.LuaRuntimeException: error loading module 'pkghandler' from file 'E:\proj\pkghandler\Release\pkghandler.dll':

          The specified module could not be found.

          at com.naef.jnlua.LuaState.lua_pcall(Native Method)




Seems like it is finding the file, but I don’t know why it cant “find” the “module”.  I have compared to several examples online and it looks like it is correct.  I am using Cygwin to compile LUA nad my library module on Windows.  I tried both the 'mingw' and 'posix' targets when I compile 'liblua.a'.  I am running Eclipse (CDT + LDT).

I would appreciate any pointers.

 - Pete