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Am 26.09.2013 13:47 schröbte John Hind:


3. LuaRocks: A non-GUI command-line system. Binary distribution for Windows
(but stuck at Lua 5.1) and instructions for Linux, hints this should work on
OSX, but no specific information. A "rockspec" was kindly provided for me
for my "bitfield" C extension, but so far I have failed to get this to build
on Windows. I just get a very unhelpful error message on the command

You reference only your main source file in `source.url`, but your code needs `compat-5.2.[ch]` as well to compile. If you change your `source.url` to e.g. `"` and add `source.dir = "Lua_Bitfield-master", your module installs fine on Windows (Win 7, x86_64, LuaRocks 2.0.13, Lua 5.2, Visual C express 10.0).

The need for `source.dir` is an unfortunate quirk with archives downloaded from github, but otherwise this is pretty straightforward. Maybe LuaRocks can make `source.dir` optional in case there is only one entry in the archive (and this entry is a directory).