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Thanks for the links!  Alex's finalize patch really feels like it ought to be posted somewhere more visible -- from what I can tell, it looks like a fairly nice implementation.

I like guard/finalize syntax better than try/catch: (this event
includes a patch against one of Lua 5.1 versions). 

Yeah, I concur.  If you're going to add a new exception handling feature to the language, I think the semantic to choose would be something like Alex's finalize -- a convenient, exception-safe way of releasing resources.

Unfortunately, implementing resource cleanup in vanilla C is expensive.  I haven't looked carefully at Alex's implementation, but, from his notes, it sounds like every entrance into a scope containing finalizers will require a luaD_pcall.  So while the patch can often save you the cost of creating temporary closures, there's still quite of bit of implied overhead.

Piggybacking on C++ destructors, for those of us who have the option, still feels likely to be a better way of solving the same problem.  Compared to nested luaD_pcalls, stack unwinding should be relatively cheap; and writing a handful of C++ resource wrappers is far easier than trying to maintain such a significant Lua mod.