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Hi John,

> This looks great - yesterday my comment would have been "ZeroBrane is a bit
coy about what version of Lua it is using, but if you poke about in the
installation directory you find that 'Lua' actually still means Lua 5.1".

Right; it used to be Lua 5.1.5 and now it's LuaJIT 2.0.2. For Lua 5.2
I used the latest 5.2.2 version. I should add the interpreter version
to the About page.

> With 5.2 in there as well (and hopefully you have the infrastructure now so
the delay between release and support for 5.3 will be much less than the
delay for 5.2 - not a criticism, more a question) this could well be the
best candidate for my desired 3-Platform binary distribution.

Most definitely. I already have the build script support that only
needs to be updated slightly for 5.3 and also the interpreter support
that allows adding 5.3 with one small change. I haven't yet tested any
debugging support though.