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I was pondering how to automate a process that I will need in the future, it struck me that there is probably a neat solution using Lua. I  am fairly sure that this is technically possible without it being a huge amount of work (no new Lua API's needed)
Basically I have a Lua file containing a simple table something like this
local TRANSLATE_T0   = "French"
local translateTable = {
-- English                                     Foreign
"The cat sat on the mat",    "Undefined"
"The dog bit the cat",           "Undefined"
"The cat ran off",                   "Undefined"
.... repeat a few hundred lines
I envisaged a Lua script that reads through the rows and uses LuaSocket and one of the Text translation API's that exist to look up the foreign translated text (French in the above example) and writes it back out to a disk file
-- English                                      Foreign
 "The cat sat on the mat",       "Le chat assis sur le tapis"
It would appear that there are bunch of API's that could potentially be used
Its a shame the Google one is now a paid only service, as I would much prefer a free solution.
I hope I don't get flamed for posting this message here, but I wondered if this might appeal to one of the ninja Lua coders here as a fun little technical challenge that they might enjoy to keep their skills honed ?
My problem is twofold, I currently have no free time to work on this, and secondly this is probably a bit past my current skill level to be able to implement successfully. (I have never used LuaSocket and don't know anything about REST or SOAP)
Apologies, but this wouldn't be a paid gig, just posting in case it interests someone. Dons flame proof overall, and runs off now !!
Regards Geoff