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On 16 September 2013 02:11, Francisco <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm new to C, any good advice?

Didn't dive into your code to comment on your C, but here's some
peripheral advice:

* "Fun licenses" such as "Beer-ware" are legally problematic. Many
developers which would otherwise be able to use your open source code
(and would gladly buy you a beer upon meeting you) are unable to use
licenses outside of pre-approved lists from their companies' legal
departments. So, my advice is to stick to "standard licenses" -- since
you're going for "do whatever you want" I recommend the MIT/X11
license; you can of course add your "request for beer" in the README
file. :) (And I've had some beers paid for me through paypal over the
years due to a similar note in the htop website :) )

* Don't use when you're not physically constrained in space
(ie, anywhere other than Twitter). It would be more informative in
this email if people knew that the above URL is actually:
and you would probably get better feedback. Ditto for the various URLs
in your -- you're adding unnecessary hops and your links
break if is inaccessible (also, some people like to mouse-over
links to see where they lead to before clicking (I know this is
spoofable but I trust Github not to do this) ).

* Consider yourself encouraged to tag a release number and submit a
rockspec to the LuaRocks repository. :)

-- Hisham