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On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 11:09 AM, David Demelier
<> wrote:
> It looks promising, it would be perfect if you did use camelcase over
> underscore case though :p.

Old habit - CamelCase for type names, snake_case for functions and
objects.  So I do try not to say Object:my_function() but I could say
Object.my_function since Object is a type.

It's never possible to make everyone happy on this one - and by now,
people are used to the API.  I have no way of knowing what's used and
what's not, but I don't want to pull the rug on everyone with a
renaming jihad ;)

The most eccentric identifier naming scheme I know comes from Nimrod,
which is case-insensitive (comes from Pascal tradiition). But
underscores are ignored, so that my_function is the same as myFunction
is the same as MyFunction... the rationale is that everyone can use
the style that makes them happy. Not surprisingly, Nimrod's author is
having second thoughts on this one...