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Hi everyone. This is just a quick post announcing the initial release
of HenchLua,
an implementation of the core Lua VM in C# (yes, another one),
targeted at mobile
and otherwise constrained platforms.

Unlike KopiLua, HenchLua focuses more on efficiency (primarily in terms of heap
object allocation, memory usage, and object graph complexity) than on
It is not and is not intended to be a perfectly conformant Lua VM.
It's intended to be
conformant enough to be useful while staying well out of the GC's way.

This is an early release. Loads of features are still missing, and
there are surely
bugs. Nevertheless, it's actually quite useable, even at this early stage.

For anyone interested in the code itself, I'm adding notes on the implementation
to the associated wiki pages as I can.

Comments, bug reports, and patches are very welcome.


Phill Djonov
Programmer, Tools and Graphics