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On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 4:23 PM, Jorge <> wrote:
> I'll say this: I don't like intensive use of metamethods. It's /perhaps/ ok
> for really basic __index and __newindex stuff... But anything else confuses
> me when reading code. I dont't know why, but suspecting there might be some
> crazy side-effects makes me anxious.

Well yes, it does raise the 'magic' level of the code.  I stopped
liking C++ when I realized that _anything_ could happen at any line.
Life in Lua is better when we can clearly read the intent, so
metamethods can be abused like operator overloading.  'for k,v in
pairs(t) .. ' has no magic, 'for v in t' has got magic.  Is the price
of the magic worth the extra few less keystrokes?  That's a question I
don't have an answer for - it depends whether I'm a writer or a reader