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Le 2 sept. 2013 à 14:27, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> a écrit :

>> Lua team, could you consider adding this call to  luai_userstatefree in function close_state for a next version of Lua ? ;-)
> There is already a "call" to luai_userstateclose in lua_close.

Hi Roberto,

You're right, luai_userstateclose is just appropriate for releasing/freeing the private pointer associated to the main thread. 
I don't know how I could have missed it...

So  the addition to luaconf.h becomes:
 @@ LUA_EXTEND_STATE controls the definition of a private buffer in lua_State.
 ** CHANGE it (define it) and put your private details in an external file if 
 ** you want Lua to use this feature
#if defined(LUA_USER_STATE)

// Define the user part of a lua_State strcture: all we need here is a single void* pointer to our private thread object
#define LUAI_EXTRASPACE  sizeof(void *) /* or the size of your custom state */
#define luai_userstate(L) ((void**)(((unsigned char *)L) - LUAI_EXTRASPACE))

/* Note that the lua_State type is not define at this stage, so we pass void* to the functions instead */
extern void CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaNewState   (void *L);
extern void CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaNewThread  (void *L, void *newL);
extern void CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaFreeState  (void *L, void *freedL);

/* Called in lua_newstate */
#define luai_userstateopen(L)		    (CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaNewState(L))

/* Called in lua_close */
#define luai_userstateclose(L)		    (CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaFreeState(NULL, L))

/* Called in lua_newthread */
#define luai_userstatethread(L,L1)	    (CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaNewThread(L,L1))

/* Called in luaE_freethread (by GC) */
#define luai_userstatefree(L,L1)	    (CLDVLuaUserStateOnLuaFreeState(L,L1))


And no change needs to be done to the Lua source code. :-)