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Am 01.09.2013 18:32 schröbte Jo-Philipp Wich:

What about using container_of() [1] ?

struct LuaPrivateState {
	lua_State *pVM;
	void *extra_data;
	struct foobar baz;

This is basically what Mikhail proposed, but it will only work if the lua_State is included in LuaPrivateState by value and not by pointer (and lua_State is an incomplete type, private to `lstate.c`, so you can't include it by value).
There already is a LuaPrivateState equivalent in lstate.c:

    typedef struct LX {
    #if defined(LUAI_EXTRASPACE)
      char buff[LUAI_EXTRASPACE];
      lua_State l;
    } LX;

exactly for this purpose, but it is not accessible outside of `lstate.c`.

And in a function that gets a pointer to the lua_State, do:

int whatever(lua_State *L, ...)
	struct LuaPrivateState *state =
		container_of(L, struct LuaPrivateState, pVM);



~ Jow