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On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 08:20:25PM +1000, Choonster TheMage wrote:
> Does anyone know of any examples of asynchronous HTTPS requests in
> Lua? I've seen some examples of asynchronous HTTP using LuaSocket, but
> nothing with LuaSec for asynchronous HTTPS requests.
> I'm writing a Lua interface[1] to a RESTful web API[2] which requires
> HTTPS requests for authenticated users. I'm looking into what it would
> take to rewrite the library to use asynchronous requests instead of
> synchronous ones.

My cqueues library supports this:

But it doesn't use LuaSocket or LuaSec. See cqueues/src/lib/socket.c for how
it uses the OpenSSL library. Specifically, so_starttls_, so_read, and