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Please find attached the rockspec for Lanes 3.6.3.

The changes since last luarocks-available rockspec:

   * stricter validation of with_timers config option: validator was accepting any non-boolean value
   * new configuration option protect_allocator for VMs with thread unsafe allocators (such as LuaJIT) to wrap allocation function inside a mutex. Active by default when Lanes detects it is run by LuaJIT.
   * removed some obsolete bits of dead code
   * function lookup database population keeps the 'smaller' name in case of multiple hits, to remove the no-LUA_COMPAT_ALL restriction on Lua5.2 builds
   * first steps toward fixing make-vc.cmd
   * WIN32 builds no longer use PulseEvent to fix occasional hangs when a wake event is missed
   * more explicit errors when trying to transfer unknown source functions (with new configure option verbose_errors)
   * lane:cancel(<negative-timeout>) only causes cancel_test() to return true but won't interrupt execution of the lane during linda operations



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