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Using simple CGI I see that sometimes I receive error 500 in some requests.
My script is just printing all _G key/value using "for".

But instead this, I have other thing to resolve and dont know how using "simple CGI" approach: http requests.
How do I get "GET parameters" and POSTS, or request header using CGI scripts...

Anyway, somebody knows how do I resolve the cgilua.fcgi problema? I think is the best way to serve web application with lighttpd and I must try this again when somebody help me to resolve the problem.


2013/8/5 Richard Kearsley <>
在 2013-08-04日的 22:37 -0300,Henrique Gogó写道:
Hello World!

I'm trying to configure a webserver to use Lua to create web

You should try this
It doesn't use any cgi or intermediary, the lua vm is inside the actual httpd
It has great performance and is very powerful and reliable, I'm using it extensively

Henrique Gogó