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I'm working with a library that deals in nano time (10^7 == 1 second).

I have to convert between clock many bases, which means getting very
small or very huge numbers.

Simplicity would wash over me if I were dealing with 64-bit signed
ints; the native C type. As it is, I'm complecting things in the
service of avoiding common scenarios where I'm loosing precision.

So, if I decide that I can't live without 64bit signed ints: User
data? Some kind of awesome library**?

lbc brings the openssl dependency, which is "a thing", especially on
Windows. (don't know what openssl's license is, either).

Is there anything else out there that works with 5.2, or is this
simple enough that I should just use the C-API and quit whining?


** Lua 5.3 Work1? This is for production, but this project won't see
the light of day for about a year. If (most likely when, if history is
a guide) we beat 5.3 to production, we'd have to go back-port some
other method. Since this isn't a huge deal breaker, I'm okay with that
risk, for even a small chance of success. That is, I kind of want to
be talked into this option, but it seems to be lunacy, at this point
in 5.3 development cycle.