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Am 29.07.13 01:07, schrieb Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
> The earliest implementation of Lua that we have found to date has files
> dated 28 Jul 1993. We have dubbed that version Lua 1.0, which is available at
> Lacking a precise release date, since Lua 1.0 was never released,
> we commemorate 20 years of Lua today.
> On behalf of the Lua team, I thank you all for your interest in Lua and
> for your support and ideas during all these years, which have motivated
> us to keep developing Lua.

Congratulations!  All I can say is that Lua definitely changed the way
how we write software and our commercial software would
not be where it is today without Lua.  All in all Lua serves around 2
million people per year with that software (of course without them
knowing that ;)

So keep the good work up (which, imo, boils down to not change Lua to
much from release to release, but keep it stable).

- Marc