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It was thus said that the Great Jay Carlson once stated:
> On Jul 25, 2013, at 3:43 AM, Sean Conner wrote:
> >  As a side project, I'm playing around with bindings to ptrace().  ptrace()
> > is a function that deals primarily with addresses [1].  On a 32-bit system
> > there is no real issues [2] but on a 64-bit system it really is an issue
> > [3].
> Bet it isn't. Which architecture is handing you userspace pointers outside
> the range of precise 64-bit doubles? (Amusingly you even get additional
> range if the pointers are 4-byte aligned.)

  If you are asking what architecture am I receiving addresses that exceed
53 bits in size, I haven't fully checked, but I am doing work on some very
beefy 64-bit SPARC boxes at work---I concider it well in the realm of

  -spc (Yeah, how many programs assumed the top 8 bits of a 32-bit address
	could be arbitrarily set during the 80s, early 90s?)