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On 25/07/2013 1.48, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
Out of curiosity… as the 46 (and counting) messages in this thread haven't made it very clear, at least to me… why do we even care if a number is an integer, float, real, double, whatnot? Isn't the purpose of that int vs. float dichotomy to be purely an implementation detail? Wholly transparent? And a number stays a number? Irrespectively of internal representation? Or?


The fact that most people should not bother with this difference was
the initial motivation to put the distinction in the debug library.

As someone else has proposed, it could be worth introducing in 5.3 a new global table ("lua" or "sys", whatever - I like "lua" FWIW), to
avoid the "kitchen sink" approach to debug library.

In this way future functions that have no place in the global space or other namespaces could be put there. This could be a small, but significant addition to Lua.

Moreover, as Miles stated, for security reasons one should be able to delete debug library without impairing functionalities which are not debug-related and a security risk.

FWIW I'd also like to see a clean-up of the global namespace from less used functions (I mean - less used in small scripts), like raw*, set/getmetatable, collectgarbage, ...

This could be a first little step to that goal.

-- Roberto


-- Lorenzo

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