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2013/7/13 Wolfgang Schenke <>:
>>> Also, does the integer support need any special build-time flag/option
>>> to enable?
>> No. And it cannot be disabled either.
> So once again a minor Lua version change makes
> a. existing code unrunnable - and
> b. new code unrunnable on old Lua versions?
> What are you doing to this language?
> Wolfgang

I can understand your disappointment. But as Lua has been designed to
be integrated easily in a host application, you can still select the
Lua version you want so you can just take the one that fits your need
for 10, 20 years if necessarry.

However, if you rely on the library provided by your operating system
as external, then yes you may encounter incompatibilities.

But for pure Lua libraries I must admit that this is a real pain.

My 2 cents

Demelier David