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On 13 July 2013 20:06, Wolfgang Schenke <> wrote:
>>> Also, does the integer support need any special build-time flag/option
>>> to enable?
>> No. And it cannot be disabled either.
> So once again a minor Lua version change makes
> a. existing code unrunnable - and
> b. new code unrunnable on old Lua versions?
> What are you doing to this language?

I guess you haven't been following it all that long. The second digit
of Lua's version denotes major releases, potentially (and usually)
introducing backwards-incompatible changes.

As consolation, such releases are generally not very frequent. It
should be noted that this is a "work" version, and I think you'll find
that nothing is at all decided regarding what will be in the final

Embrace the change, play with the release, provide constructive feedback.