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On 7/9/13, Jorge <> wrote:
> On 09/07/13 20:31, Tim Hill wrote:
>> I guess that depends how Lua is positioned for tablets and smartphones?
> Yup... I guess a single succesfull app for Android could outstrip all
> Lua desktop deploys taken together. And that would be ARM with their
> funky fp.

That wasn't my point. My point is that on Android and iOS, everybody
has to ship self-contained apps due to sandboxing restrictions. And
the iOS App Store approval process forbids downloading and running
arbitrary code.

So even though the number of tablet/phone devices are going to dwarf
desktop/laptop devices, it is impractical to expect any kind of 3rd
party module distribution to emerge where trying to standardize the
size of lua_Integer and lua_Number is going to make any difference.
App writers must bundle their own build of Lua (and will likely tweak
luaconf.h accordingly).

Beginning iPhone Games Development