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On 09.07.2013, wrote:
> Dunno the details, but according to:
> .. MSVC does support long long...

MSVC 6 doesn't support:
lua-5.3.0\src\lua.h(107) : error C2632: 'long' followed by 'long' is illegal
lua-5.3.0\src\lua.h(110) : error C2632: 'long' followed by 'long' is illegal

After changes in luaconf.h:
#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__BORLANDC__)
#define LUA_INTEGER  __int64
#define LUA_INTEGER  long long

there are many warnings:
lua-5.3.0\src\lbitlib.c(82) : warning C4244: 'initializing' : conversion from 'unsigned __int64 ' to 'unsigned long ', possible loss of data
lua-5.3.0\src\lmathlib.c(248) : warning C4761: integral size mismatch in argument; conversion supplied

-- Nodir