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Thanks for these nice links, it is fine for another project, but in my case a ORB structure should not be used.
I have two physical system which are connected by an infiniband network (MPI), so I would like to transfer only
memoryblocks (a byte stream) between the two MPI processes. In each process a LUA interpreter is running
and a object should be transfered in a fast way. My idea is to get a object from the interpreter with its memory
block pointer and use memcpy for moving the object data from one process to the other. In the new process
I would like to create a new object and point it to the copied memory block. 

In my case the LUA script stores only the class definition and each interpreter create some objects of the classes.
The C side calls on each object a method (like a event call):

on each process
     for each o in object :

The o should move between the two processes. So the ORB do some serialization but I would like to move the memory block
from C side.


Am 08.07.2013 um 19:06 schrieb Gabriel Duarte:

2013/7/8 Philipp Kraus <>

I would like to transfer a LUA object between to interpreters. I have different running machines, on each process / machine runs equal LUA scripts, but I would
like to move one object (data) from one machine to another machine. How I can get all memory blocks of an object?
Or exists another idee?


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