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2013/7/3 Dirk Laurie <>:

> My own opinion on the matters arising from 'empty' is already contained
> in the Subject field of the post.

I have, thanks to the discussion in this thread, changed my mind.
I no longer support 'has' either.

I'm back to believing there is no problem. Lua has got it solved already.

You need a special value for any purpose? — Define your own. Don't ask
anybody else to do it your way.

You need fixed-length arrays with holes? — __len and __ipairs are your

You don't like the table library? — It's only a library. You can write your
your own.

You yourself can handle all this, but all those poor newbies can't? —
Ag shame. One day they will have crossed Lua's Pons Asinorum
and be experts too.