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On Wednesday, July 3, 2013, Andrew Starks wrote:

I see. This seems reasonable. Do you think that there should also be a "delete" facility?


Disregard. I read your post, but too quickly. I get it, and like it. One of my earlier questions remains:

T =
Or at least

T = ;
Would fail for syntactic reasons? Otherwise, it seems equivalent. 

I was "arguing" for verbing a variable into nonexistance rather than changing its value, but this approach works wonderfully. 

If select could be changed to:

select("#", baz) --baz is undefined
--> 0

Would you more or less be in the same spot as two different nil variants? 

I believe that, within Lua, there is no way to truly and explicitly "undefine" something, is this correct? (Understanding that the difference between something existing and being nil is often hard to determine).