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On 02/07/2013 02:41, Tim Hill wrote:
omg DON'T get me started on *that* mess (grin).

Even the !FALSE trick doesn't work:

if (x == TRUE)…
if (x) …

Still give different results

This proves again that if you try to use booleans, you better use them as booleans, ie. in the second style.

In Java too, I groan when I see

if (b == true)

because it is verbose, distracting, redundant.
And I saw many newbies just forgetting the difference between = and ==:

if (b = true)

and wondering why the test doesn't work. In Java, that's the only case where an assignment in a test is legal. In C, it can be worse...

Now, I agree that

if (!b)

isn't super-readable, alas. That's where the choice of ~ for negation is good, it stands out more... :-)

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