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>> Couldn't a lot of ambiguity and unexpected behavior avoided by keeping
>> nil but introducing two new functions to the table library called
>> "table.has(t,key)" and "table.delete(t,key,[to])" - and dropping the
>> deletion via assigning nil?
> At last something new and worth a discussion. Does anyone see problems/
> incompatibilities/etc. with this?

Couldn't we not just finally add a real sequential type to the language?
Something that has a well-defined length *all the time*, no issue with
holes and can be detected just by using type() on it?

I don't really care if it is implemented with a table, a field called
"n" and a few sanity checks on insertion, and I don't really care
what syntax would be used, but it would solve so many issues I don't see
any reason not to do it.

Pierre Chapuis