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Am 15.06.13 15:54, schrieb Luis Carvalho:
> Hi Marc,
>> The PostgreSQL Lua binding found on
>> has been extended to make it a bit easier to create SQL commands
>> dynamically and still be able to use execParams().
> <snip>
> I don't know if you've checked luapsql before,
> but it has prepared and parametrizable statements since its first release;
> it's a fairly complete binding of libpq, but it might be outdated. However,
> since these bindings are low-level, I haven't included any documentation since
> you can check libpq's docs directly instead. In any case, you can take a look
> at the code and examples to see how it works; for instance, there are
> facilities for registered types that you might want to include in your set of
> bindings.

Thank you for letting me know, I never heard of that binding before.  I
will take a look and maybe steal some code... ;)

Our binding is quite complete these days, we actively maintain it and
it's in production use in our POS systems.  (we = @work)

I used it to do my presentations on PostgreSQL client programming at
FOSDEM and PGDay.EU, fwiw.

- Marc