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I have a PC exe file (built using VS2008) that has Lua statically linked inside it, I am trying to debug a Lua script using Decoda, but so far no joy at all in managing to set and hit a breakpoint in the script. I have tried running it just using the normal run with debug and pointing Decoda at my "test.exe" and my "test.pdb" files. Also I have tried starting up the exe first and then attaching to the running process. I can attach OK to the process but I get this error message
Warning 1002: Symbol file 'C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.pdb' located but it does not match module 'C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll'

The breakpoint I set on a specific line seems to get cleared and reset to line 1 of the script file and never gets hit anyway.
I have now proved that it is possible to debug a Lua script running in Lua inside my exe as last week I downloaded LuaStudio  (The Chinese commercial one not the open source one on Github). I must confess I wasn't expecting too much from it, due to the English/Chinese language difficulties. I was wrong ! It is rather a nice tool, and the ability to debug a statically linked Lua exe works great, really easy to set up and pretty robust. Its just a shame its not an open source tool. 
Don't bother checking it out if you are using Lua 5.2, or like good detailed docs or an English Users forum. It lacks all of those items
So I know the problem in debugging my script is fundamentally solvable, just got to figure out what the problem is with the  Decoda way of doing it
I have got all sorts of MS msvcrt.dll & msvcrt.pdb's in my system folder from different versions of Visual Studio. maybe I have got some sort of mismatch there that trips up Decoda.
Any thoughts on how to solve this issue would be appreciated. Thanks