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> What I think, but unsure about, is here "function" actually means
> "closure".

Yes; see the original description:

  Closures with the same reference are always equal. Closures with any
  detectable difference (different behavior, different definition) are
  always different.

(Yes, we know that "same reference" is not very clear...)

> I'm not sure what "observable difference" means.

It means that the result of some expression can change if you replace
one function by the other.

> I don't think it means two function definitions appearing in different
> places of source code with almost or exactly the same code string will
> generate one single shared Proto struct.

Two function definitions f1 and f2 appearing in different lines of
source code have an observable difference: debug.getinfo(f1).linedefined
is diferent from debug.getinfo(f2).linedefined. So, Lua must consider f1
different from f2.

-- Roberto