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Hi list,

I am looking for a Lua interpreter that I can run inside a shell
buffer in Emacs _in Windows_; I have downloaded and installed
LuaForWindows from

but when I run `M-x shell' in Emacs and then on the command prompt I
type either "lua" or "ilua" I don't get a Lua prompt... the Lua
interpreter somehow gets stuck - but I discovered is that if I create
this script ("foo.lua"),

  print "hello"
  for li in io.line() do
  print "bye"

and run "lua foo.lua" then I can interact with it; but if I omit the
first `io.stdout:setvbuf("no")' then it gets stuck in the same way as
the Lua interpreter...

Ok, now you are probably wondering why I am trying to do such a weird
thing as running Lua inside a shell inside Emacs inside Windows; the
reason is that I am trying to help a friend who got interesting in the
way of controlling interactive programs shown in this video,

(a demo starts around 20s, iirc), but she uses mostly Windows...

  Thanks in advance,
    Eduardo Ochs