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2013/5/1 Dirk Laurie <>:

> I've written the attached. Any comments that will lead
> to the last sentence in it becoming less painful will
> be greatly appreciated.

That paragraph refers to "Brief introduction to LPEG" which is in

>From the preamble:

- Writing a topic up for oneself is one of the best ways of learning it.
- Once you have learnt it, you can never recapture the difficulty you
  had in understanding the original.
- I promise not to re-work these notes to elegance when I know the
  material well. I will add stuff and correct errors, though. Thanks
  to members of the Lua list for helping me here, particularly
  Pierre-Yves Gérardy.

I have already reached the point where I can't add to notes based
on that philosophy any more, so this is the final version except for
the correction of mistakes.