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On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 02:47:43PM -0700, Coda Highland wrote:
> MSVC doesn't support C99 because it's a C++ compiler. The languages
> are divergent. (It DOES support C++11 pretty well.) Sort of silly to
> be criticizing a compiler for not supporting something it never
> claimed to support.

If it's not a C compiler, it shouldn't compile C.  (Note C is not a strict
subset of C++ and you can compile C which is not valid C++ with MSVC).

Fortunately for those who need hubbub etc compiled for WIN32, there is MINGW32.

> Not silly to say "well, then that compiler can't compile my code."
> Because I wouldn't try to compile it with a FORTRAN compiler, either.



Daniel Silverstone               
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