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Hey List,

I've got a C function in which I want to fill two tables and return them both as result,
however I'm a little stuck on the logic behind it. Here's some example code, but it
only generates one table.

int multipleTables(lua_State *L) {
    int min = luaL_checkint(L, 1);
    int max = luaL_checkint(L, 2);
    // I want to fill two result tables in one loop
    for(int i = 0; i < (DATA_SIZE - 1); i++) {
        lua_pushnumber(L, i + 1);
        lua_pushnumber(L, data[i]);
        lua_settable(L, -3);
        // if data[i] > min and < max, I want to add it to a second result table
        if(data[i] > min && data[i] < max) {
            // push to second result table
    return 2;

How would I fill a second result table in that same loop? Looping through the data
twice would be too slow, considering 'data' may have 10000 elements.




Bas Groothedde
Imagine Programming