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> >
> > I now added the following to the rockspec;
> >           incdirs = {
> >             "/usr/local/include/upnp",
> >           },
> >
> > So far it worked on an Ubuntu VM and on a Raspberry Pi, but still feels
> a bit 'hard-coded'. Can I expect it to work on other distro's and mac's as
> well? Any advice?
> Yes, you shouldn't spell out the full directory like that. You should
> use the 'external_dependencies' table and then use the generated
> variables such as "$(UPNP_DIR)" (see the LuaRocks documentation and
> other rockspecs for examples, and feel free to ask whatever's still
> not clear in the LuaRocks mailing list).

I looked at a few, but haven't been able to figure it out. I did the following
In the pupnp directory
sudo make install

then I tried
env | grep UPNP
env | grep upnp

nothing showed up, so no variables indicating where the lib was installed. I must be missing something very obvious...