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Behaviour Driven Development for Lua

I am happy to announce the release of Specl release 7.

Specl's home page is at

* Noteworthy changes in release 7 (2013-05-13) [stable]

** This is a bug fix release, including a critical fix for the contain
   matcher, preventing lua-stdlib specs from passing. Upgrading is
   recommended for all users

** Bug fixes:

  - Add missing documentation for `matchers.Matcher.format_any_of`.

  - It's no longer possible to crash Specl using example descriptions
    that look like other types during lyaml parsing.

  - Specl 6 had a broken `should_contain` matcher, that would
    fail to match any expected substring with an active Lua
    pattern character in it (such as ?, * or % for example).

  - Add missing close parenthesis in non-verbose mode report
    formatter summaries with failing or pending expectations.

** Incompatible changes:

  - While not encouraged, one word descriptions are now supported,
    and are displayed correctly by the bundled formatters.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

  luarocks install specl-7

Until the rocks are available from the official repository in a few days,
you can install directly from the specl release branch, with:

  $ luarocks install \