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> It was hard to find a copy of the C89 standard, but the copy at [3]
> (section 4.12.1) says it's 0-60; as does the C99(?) standard at [4]
> (section 7.23.1).

The C99 standard says 0-60. I do not have access to the C89 standard,
too.  However, [1] has literal copies of several parts of that standard
(those related to the libraries), and it states that the range for
tm_sec is [0, 61] (Section 7.12.1 from ISO 9899:1990).  [2], which I
consider very accurate, also says 0-61. So, probably it changed from
C89 to C99.

As Lua still follows the C89 standard, we will keep the '61' for now.

[1] The Standard C Library. P.J.Plauger.
    Prentice Hall, 1992.
[2] C: A Reference Manual. Fourht Edition. S.P.Harbison & G.L.Steele Jr.
    Tartan, Inc., 1995.

-- Roberto