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Muqtheear S wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I have a JSON object as a web response. If there is already a
> lua script written to parse a JSON object, please share with me else
> suggest me how to parse.

There are quite a lot of JSON modules for Lua already and after adding
yet another one to them (and afterwards realizing just how many there
are already) I started this list and comparison of JSON modules:

I haven't updated it for quite some time though, so it probably does not
reflect the newest versions and some modules are not in the comparison
at all yet.

For decoding I would check that the module supports Unicode escape
sequences at least in the BMP (0 to 0xFFFF) and preferably also beyond
it.  Many modules can do so.

For encoding most modules support the minimum characters that should be
encoded.  If you want to use the JSON output directly in JavaScript
("JSONP"), further characters have to be escaped.

Best regards,

David Kolf