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It was thus said that the Great Thijs Schreijer once stated:
> Update of this small library, it's called 'uuid', and that is exactly what
> it does (pure Lua)
> It is a modified and packaged version of an original Rackspace piece of
> code, see the documentation [1] on github. Source is there as well [2], as
> are the tests (using Busted)

  I'm looking at the code, and I think that seeding the random number
generator is *not* something it should do---that should be left to the user
to do.  


  Because I seed with a custom function that reads bytes from either
/dev/random or /dev/urandom (default) [3].  Sure, provide a seed function
that *can* be used, but doesn't have to be used, but please, don't just
automatically seed the random number generator.

  -spc (What?  Not version 3 or 5 UUIDs? [4])

> [1]
> [2]