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On 05/10/13 02:59, Thijs Schreijer wrote:

Update of this small library, it’s called ‘uuid’, and that is exactly what it does (pure Lua)


It is a modified and packaged version of an original Rackspace piece of code, see the documentation [1] on github. Source is there as well [2], as are the tests (using Busted)


This is a bugfix release only. Available through LuaRocks (once the rock lands on the rocks server)







Nice! I had actually forgot about using luasocket's gettime for a random seed. I had been using os.time() added to the address of an anonymous table[1] for my own password generator. I also like the idea of using luasocket only if it's already been loaded :) It reminds me that I need to keep reading more code.

[1] > math.randomseed(os.time()+assert(tonumber(tostring({}):sub(7))))