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Well, as someone who uses Lua only very occasionally and does a lot in other languages (mainly C/C++ and C# for Windows Environments) I can only say, that I found very useful more than one time when looking for answers to specific problems. The lua-l mailing list is not well suited for this as it's more kind of a forum doing a lot of discussions instead of giving real answers and I rarely found concrete answers to problems there (at least not without a lot of digging).

But why do you want to get an own
Is itself not already sufficient?

Am 27.04.2013 21:29, schrieb Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
Do you think we are ready for our own
Would it be a good thing for the Lua community?

There are already many Lua questions in

To have our own site,, we'd need a critical mass.
But it would allow us to reduce the traffic in lua-l to announcements
and discussions about the design and future of Lua.

It seems to be that the stackexchange model succeeds quite well as both
a forum for questions and answers and an archive.

I see the following good points:

- it allows questions and answers to be stored and be publicly available
   with permanent links

- it is easy to edit questions and answers using rich text

- the vote scheme naturally filters bad and wrong answers

- the reputation scheme identifies trustable members of the community

- the comments scheme for questions and answers helps to reduce noise
   of parallel conversations

- there is no need to expose email addresses

- spam seems to be a very minor problem

The only not so good point is that you need to visit the site to see the
questions and answers. I think it is possible to receive notifications via
RSS and probably by email. I don't know whether there is a gateway to
and from mailing listings or just email.