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I am happy to announce the release of specl 5,
Behaviour Driven Development for Lua

Specl's home page, including full documentation is at:

* Noteworthy changes in release 5 (2013-04-29) [stable]

** This release is a significant upgrade.

** New features:

  - Documentation reorganisation. is much simplified, with
    full documentation still in markdown at docs/  The html
    documentation at will be updated
    with every release from now on.

** Bug fixes:

  - './bootstrap' runs quickly now, with 4800 lines of code removed.

  - './configure' runs quickly with the remaining C macros removed.

  - 'progress' and 'report' formatters now report elapsed time rather
    than cpu time in their footer output.

  - The 'specl' LUA_PATH no longer picks up its own 'specl.std' module
    by mistake when a spec file requires the lua-stdlib 'std' module.

** Incompatible changes:

  - The 'should_error' matcher now takes arguments in the same order
    as the other matchers. LuaMacro injects a 'pcall' into every
    'expect' invocation, so the specifications are written

        expect (error "failed").should_error "failed"

  - The Specl-1 Lua format for spec files is no longer supported, in
    part to clean up a lot of otherwise unused code, but also because
    Lua specs were accumulating too much magic to be easy to write by

  - 'build-aux' speclc and the bundled generated 'specs/*_spec.lua'
    specs have been removed.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

  luarocks install specl

Until the rocks are available from the official repository in a few days,
you can install directly from the release branch, with:

  $ luarocks install \