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On 27 April 2013 21:37, Stefan Reich <> wrote:
>> (btw, women in Hamburg suck. Sorry... I had to sneak that in there... it needs out =)
> Actually it didn't need to be said. At all. Ever.

What, that is now a crime? Saying what is on your heart? Letting it out? How insane are you?

You wanted to know why no one had responded to your invitation to join your project. You even asked "What's going on?"

So I gave you one of the issues you have when you deal with people.

> The mathematical proof of computer programs is up there alongside hard AI.

No. Also you don't know the concept yet, and neither the proof. You just don't understand anything yet. Talk about something you don't understand? Is that your thing?

We covered the halting problem and the mathematical proof of computer programs in my degree so I am familier with the issues.

> prove to us you have the chops to prove a computer program mathematically.

I've done that, and quite extensively. It's a research topic I have engaged in.

Then abandon this trivial little project and publish your proof. If you have indeed solved the halting problem and can mathematically prove a general computer program then most computer science textbooks will have to be rewritten along with any books on computational mathematics. Your work will be taught to every CS undergraduate, your name will be revered as you will have achieved what many more famous scientists have failed to do. Based on your work the field of computational mathematics will blossom and there will be a multitude of research papers published pushing computing to new levels.

And you will get to prove that you are right and we have failed to understand your genius.

It's a win-win situation, you prove us all wrong and get recognised as a certifiable genius and we get one of the major problems in computation removed. Who wouldn't want to work with the guy who solved the halting problem, you could probably get a research position somewhere really big with assistants and a budget to pursue whatever topic took your interest.

What's holding you back?