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You need to provide some additional information-- your pitch includes no technical details as to how you would accomplish your design goals.

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 4:44 PM, Sean Conner <> wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Stefan Reich once stated:
> OK, I'll try to address the various answers in a later post. I do find
> them a bit more positive than what I got in earlier years :o)
> However, there is one thing that bewilders me. I posted the proposal for
> something that is both NotThatMuchWork and ReallyGood, and it will be a
> huge service for Lua (as it exploits Lua's unique properties to do
> something unprecedented). And this is the central list for Lua.
> But still - so far, exactly no developers came forward.
> None.
> Out of 2,000 people, NOBODY is open to join a new project? Like, really,
> nobody?
> What is it? Is the claim too outrageous? The concept really is solid, I can
> tell you that.

  The claims are out there and there's nothing to see.  Even Linus Torvalds
had *something* to show people when we asked for help.  It's one thing to
have a grandiose idea; it's another to execute on said idea.

  Furthre more, you said:

> MICL is scheduled to be a portable application that is - MATHEMATICALLY
> PROVABLY - the most intelligent command line possible.
> Yes you read that right. The proof is already in my head. Yes, I have
> studied mathematics =)

but the proof does me no good because I can't read it (nor your mind).
Would it be so hard to write the proof down for the rest of us?  That might
convince a few more people that you are on to something.

> Or is it that everybody works for money and has no time?
> Or is this list cursed in some way?

  I can only speak for me, but why would I join an empty project?  I have
plenty of empty grandiose projects of my own to work on, and one or two
not-so-empty grandiose projects.

  You keep saying that MICL is this wonderful project, but even if I wanted
to help, what now?  Do you have any design plans that are more specific than
"MICL can imitate other shells"?

  A past project I worked on, Gnugol [1], started with *something* that
could be worked with, feedback could be given, requirements hashed out,
designed argued about.  It wasn't just David Taht going "Hey everybody!
Let's make a command line search client!"

> Really, I want to find out. I am going crazy if nobody joins my projects
> forever. It can't be like this, it makes no sense. They're too good for
> that :)

  Write the damn code!  Don't expect people to write your project for you
(that's called "work" and people get "paid" to do this).  Get something that
people can look at.  And if the "minimum viable product" can be done in two
weeks, DO IT!  You!  You need to do the "minimum viable product" and show

  You need to give us something more than just "it'll be great!"