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2013/4/25 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:

> This is not an official release. I hope someone tests it and helps me
> find what remains to be done. Sorry about that. Thanks for the interest
> in lbci. All feedback is welcome. but it's probably best if it is sent
> directly to me and not to the list.

1. Files `print.lua` and `test.lua` both try to read files not supplied
with the distribution. Suggestion: add a file `sample.lua` that is designed
to expose every VM instruction (maybe not LOADKX and EXTRAARG),
a Makefile entry to call `luac` on it, and use the file thus created.

2. The attached attempt at my own `sample.lua` makes "print.lua" fail
at instruction 23 when the TFORCALL is reached: the fourth return
value of `inspector.getinstruction` is nil.

Attachment: sample.lua
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