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But It's no need to "set Account as its own prototype", and actually there is a circle when you call Account:new(some table),because the sytax sugar colon,the Account is bind to the first hide parameter of the new  unction,in the new function,"self" point to the reciever of current method, it's Account.......

t.__index = t

and I can't understand why we should set the some table's prototype to it's self

2013/4/23 Pierre-Yves Gérardy <>
On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 4:53 PM, xinlei fan <> wrote:
>     function Account:new (o)
>       o = o or {}   -- create object if user does not provide one
>       setmetatable(o, self)
>       self.__index = self
>       return o
>     end
> I think "self.__index = self" is not make sense,it will lead to a "prototype
> circle",
> because when you call Account:new({}) after, the table Account will have a
> prototype point to himself [...]

No, that code doesn't create a cycle unless you call


Because it would set Account as its own prototype. Here's the minimal code
to create a prototype loop:

    t.__index = t

In the PiL example, self becomes the metatable of the new object, not its own.

-- Pierre-Yves