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Hi lua-l
    In my application ( C++ as dll , C++ CLI as wrapper and C# for ui), the problem comes form the dll. In dll  i used lua and started a   thread , in this thread , i create a lua_state and use luaL_loadfile to load a script and allocate memory for string  use using malloc and the lua process the script chunk successfully. Before exit the thread , i close the lua_state, free the memory  , but when i start the thread again, the lua load file error in luaL_loadfile . In Debug version ,all works fine as well  as debuging the Release Version , but when running the Release Version , it directly leads to the crash of the application.
the lua is linked static to the dll.
i found the error comes form :
luaM_freearray(L, p.dyd.actvar.arr, p.dyd.actvar.size);
so i think whether this function comficts with malloc..... 
any help?