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Hello all,

I've just finished porting Steve Donovan's luaish[1] and Rob Hoelz's
lua-linenoise[2] to Windows.

luaish is a better REPL for Lua. luaish is based on lua.lua which is a
Lua interpreter front-end written in Lua by David Manura.

To port luaish, I replaced all the POSIX calls with various functions
from winapi, LuaFileSystem and Penlight. Optional Microlight
pretty-printing was replaced with compulsory Penlight pretty-printing.

luaish-windows can be found on GitHub[3].


lua-linenoise is a binding to Linenoise, a minimal, zero-config, BSD
licensed, readline replacement used in Redis, MongoDB, and Android.

lua-linenoise itself didn't actually need any changes, I just packaged
it with a Windows-compatible version of linenoise from MSOpenTech's
Windows port of redis[6], renamed a few files and created a new

lua-linenoise-windows can also be found on GitHub[4].

I'll probably release both of these as rocks soonish.